Rankings (224 Players)

Ranking Players Top Player Top Clan
Bad Company 2 PlayersPlayers  ClansClans 29/32  BF1DAY [=(eGO)=]
Battlefield 4 PlayersPlayers  ClansClans 90/256  DroppingScience eFKT
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PlayersPlayers  ClansClans 14/116  |Five|SeveN| eGO
Counter-Strike: Source PlayersPlayers  ClansClans 51/104  Fᴬᵀᵀʸ Я ک #BRONCOS BՕT
Day of Defeat: Source PlayersPlayers  ClansClans 30/128  Hakuna Matata eG
Team Fortress 2 PlayersPlayers  ClansClans 10/72  O'Keearns eGO

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