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Thursday, Jul 12, 2018   
Award Winner
40mm Grenade  [|meow|] Sgt Darth Kitten (4 kills with 40mmgl)
40mm Shotgun  Randcruzer (5 kills with 40mmsg)
40mm Smoke Launcher  [sexy] savuso (1 kills with 40mmsmk)
870 Combat  [LITECOIN] stdout (25 kills with 870mcs)
9A-91 Avtomat  Asmodeus + 1 (42 kills with 9a91)
AEK-971 Vintovka  Asmodeus + 1 (30 kills with aek971)
AKS-74U Krinkov  Kiki1993 (32 kills with aks74u)
AN-94 Abakan  Randcruzer (19 kills with an94)
Anti-Tank Mine  [General] Azur2 (10 kills with mine)
Best Latency  moonshine60 (51 ms average connection)
C4 Explosive  [LITECOIN] stdout (13 kills with dtn-4)
F2000 Assault  [|] KillCom6 (47 kills with f2000)
G3  Mevtic (50 kills with g3)
GOL Sniper Magnum  Sdautr (47 kills with gol)
Hand Grenade  [=(eGO)=] Saikonite (3 kills with grenade)
KNV-1  baddog1950 (10 kills with knife)
Longest Death Streak  [Invalid ] ElectroFrost (20 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  Matrakchi (26 kills)
Longest Play Time  [Invalid ] Dirk McGirk (06:19:29h hours)
M1  [Invalid ] NACOMP (4 kills with garand)
M136 AT4  Cnel.Braddock (60 kills with m136)
M14  [MEX] ZOREK3C2.0 (13 kills with mk14ebr)
M16A2  [Invalid ] LeNoodleman (20 kills with m16a2)
M16A2 - Specact  [Invalid ] XavierSuazo (8 kills with m16k)
M2 Carl Gustav AT  [=(eGO)=] Saikonite (39 kills with m2cg)
M24 Sniper  [Invalid ] sirrich (30 kills with m24)
M249 Saw  [Invalid ] justie1337 (5 kills with m249)
M416  bird61 (20 kills with m416)
M60 LMG  [Invalid ] sandernam (7 kills with m60)
M9 Pistol  MTzoidberg (8 kills with m9)
M93R Burst  CA_Banana (3 kills with m9-3)
M95 Sniper  [Invalid ] USS Sourcrout (21 kills with m95)
M95 Sniper - Specact  [desu] KXG-desu (58 kills with m95k)
MG3  papirosov88 (29 kills with m3)
MG3 - Specact  FD. Zombie (1 kills with mg3k)
MG36  [=(eGO)=] Saikonite (30 kills with mg36)
Mortar  [Invalid ] sirrich (8 kills with mortar)
Most Deaths  |MidgetDoll| (168 deaths)
Most Headshots  [=(eGO)=] Saikonite (39 headshots)
Most Improved Player  Sdautr (1,978 points gained)
Most Kills  [=(eGO)=] Saikonite (253 kills)
Most Suicides  Sdautr (38 suicides)
MP-412 Rex  [Invalid ] sandernam (7 kills with mp412)
MP-443 Grach  [DMTNT] Baby Bosco (7 kills with mp443)
NEOSTEAD 2000 Combat  [THICC] Letherfut (17 kills with ns2000)
PKM LMG  N3wsLetter (4 kills with pkm)
PP-2000 Avtomat  BadBuzy (20 kills with pp2000)
Roadkill  Cnel.Braddock (3 kills with roadkill)
RPG-7 AT  papirosov88 (15 kills with rpg7)
Saiga 20k Semi  kmartsecurity911 (13 kills with s20k)
SCAR-L Carbine  [Invalid ] Dirk McGirk (32 kills with scar)
SPAS-12 Combat  Freight Charges (10 kills with spas12)
Stg.77 AUG  [Invalid ] Vergewaltig0re (5 kills with aug)
SV98 Snaiperskaya  [RUS] dimanrybak (28 kills with sv98)
SVU Snaiperskaya Short  (RUS42)T-72 (22 kills with svu)
Type 88 LMG  [N7] Bowstring (2 kills with qju88)
Type 88 Sniper  [Invalid ] LeNoodleman (5 kills with qbu88)
UMP-45  [RainBro] Lassfool (21 kills with ump)
UMP-45 - Specact  [Invalid ] 20281 (8 kills with umpk)
UZI  [=(eGO)=] Saikonite (42 kills with uzi)
VSS Snaiperskaya Special  [RUS] dimanrybak (22 kills with vss)
WWII M1911 .45  reaperrr (15 kills with m1911)
WWII M1A1 Thompson  Kiki1993 (5 kills with thompson)
XM8 Compact  Cnel.Braddock (46 kills with xm8c)
XM8 LMG  gab et jer 1 (8 kills with xm8lmg)
XM8 Prototype  |MidgetDoll| (71 kills with xm8)