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Wednesday, Jul 11, 2018   
Award Winner
American Machine  HAngry Beaver (256 kills with the .30 Caliber Machine Gun)
Area Captured  jni (131 areas captured)
Backstabbing  Original AF (3 kills with the American Knife)
Bar Browning  Romulus (80 kills with the BAR Browning Automatic Rifle)
Bazooka  [MG] B@D (59 kills with the Bazooka)
Best Latency  [OnA] Dan (24 ms average connection)
Colt Freak  Geyvon "negging baiter" Eastham (40 kills with the Colt .45 model 1911)
Dominator  Geyvon "negging baiter" Eastham (53 dominations)
Garand  M1 (532 kills with the M1 Garand Rifle)
German Grenade  Unforgettable Vegetable (51 bombings with the German Grenade)
German Machine  ^5[Tayeul]^6Killer^0bunnies!!!! (101 kills with the MG42)
Longest Death Streak  tooomy2107 (19 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  jni (30 kills)
Longest Play Time  jni (08:50:39h hours)
M1 Carbine  Lil Mit (12 kills with the M1 Carbine)
Mauser Kar 98k  Jevon Westham (119 kills with the Mauser Kar 98k)
Mauser Karbiner k98 Sniper Rifle  СМЫК (96 kills with Mauser Karbiner k98 Sniper Rifle)
Most Captures  jni (131 captures)
Most Deaths  bb (310 deaths)
Most Headshots  M1 (151 headshots)
Most Improved Player  M1 (4,997 points gained)
Most Kills  M1 (638 kills)
Most Suicides  blackwolf (18 suicides)
MP40  jni (108 kills with the MP40 Machine Pistol)
MP44  Unforgettable Vegetable (127 kills with the MP44 Assault Rifle)
Panzerschreck  Heisenberg (41 kills with the Panzerschreck)
Pistol 38  Red$tar (22 kills with the Pistol 38)
Pistol c96  Madness (37 kills with the Pistol c96)
Puncher  Stink Fist of Love (11 knock-outs)
Revenger  Jevon Westham (10 revenges)
Shovel God  KID LOCO (4 kills with the spade)
Spring Sniper  Geyvon "negging baiter" Eastham (374 snipings with the Springfield 03 Rifle)
Thompson  GORMANGO (208 kills with the Thompson Submachine Gun)
US Grenade  RG | Caparzo (33 bombings with the U.S. Grenade)