Dec  January 2022
52 12
Saturday, Jan 22, 2022   
Award Winner
AK47  ßαdьоуѕ zzYzz (183 kills with ak47)
Best Latency  BLOODTHIRSTΥ [RindaMan] Crows Zero (10 ms average connection)
Colt M4A1 Carbine  Cr4nKy (136 kills with m4a1)
Desert Eagle  Jimmy P #badboy (49 kills with deagle)
Dual Berretta Elites  neet0 (3 kills with elite)
Five-Seven  g9x (11 kills with fiveseven)
Fusil Automatique  bad at CS (6 kills with famas)
Galil  DR.SLEEPINGWELL (111 kills with galil)
Glock  Nobody (1 kills with glock)
Grenade  Get your FACE into SPACE (18 kills with hegrenade)
Knife Maniac  PAPI. .:nosound:. (3 knifings)
Longest Kill Streak  ßαdьоуѕ zzYzz (11 kills)
Longest Play Time  BՕT PIFF (10:24:54h hours)
M249 PARA  =(e)= OK! (85 kills with para)
MAC-10  neet0 (6 kills with mac10)
Most Damage  Fᴬᵀᵀʸ BILL COLLINS (29,692 damage)
Most Deaths  CrimsonTemplar87 (237 deaths)
Most Headshots  ßαdьоуѕ zzYzz (132 headshots)
Most Improved Player  CrimsonTemplar87 (2,079 points gained)
Most Kills  ßαdьоуѕ zzYzz (217 kills)
Most Suicides  =(eGO)= Immaculate (12 suicides)
MP5-Navy  neet0 (13 kills with mp5navy)
P90  Monica (75 kills with p90)
Scout Eilte  jean (70 kills with scout)
SG-552 Commando  TheSaiyanPrince (21 kills with sg552)
Shotgun  Mat (23 kills with m3 shotgun)
Sig Sauer P-22  GM - Shob (4 kills with p228)
Steyr Aug  9ZED7 Lougle (37 kills with aug)
Steyr TMP  XLGr Dankenstein (3 kills with tmp)
Top Defuser  grokz (3 bomb defusions)
Top Demolitionist  mAldItO702 (10 bomb plantings)
UMP45  Robert V (23 kills with ump45)
USP Master  COld DAbs (3 kills with usp)
XM 1014 Auto-Shotgun  BloodPrince (5 kills with xm1014)