Sep  October 2017
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Monday, Oct 23, 2017   
Award Winner
Apoco-Fists  Flu Person (1 kills with apocofists)
Atomizer  Bone-tama-bone (1 kills with atomizer)
AWPer Hand  Ezio Auditore (14 kills with awp)
Axtinguisher  Deerlobe (1 kills with axtinguisher)
Baby Face's Blaster  Asmongold DADDY TAKE ME (4 kills with brawlerblaster)
Back Scatter  Deerlobe (4 kills with back scatter)
Backstab Kills  flying pyro main (11 Most backstab kills)
Baseball Player  zammarahmer (2 kills with bat)
Bat Outta Hell  Dog (3 kills with skullbat)
Bazaar Bargain  Peke (25 kills with bazaar bargain)
Best Latency  Todd (22 ms average connection)
Best Sentryguns - Level 1  Adam ツ (6 kills with sentrygun (level 1))
Best Sentryguns - Level 2  FISH REPAIRS (3 kills with sentryguns (level 2))
Best Sentryguns - Level 3  FISH REPAIRS (11 kills with sentryguns (level 3))
Best Sentryguns - Mini  ✠Kaiser Junkrat✠ (20 kills with sentryguns (mini))
Best Sniper  Disaria [no sound] (153 snipings as sniper)
Big Earner  aimbot (1 kills with big earner)
Black Box  jackery (hello) (2 kills with black box)
Black Rose  Djorbs (6 kills with black rose)
Bleed Kill  Lucho Portuano (3 bleed kills)
Blutsauger  Jacket (1 kills with blutsauger)
Boston Basher  Peke (1 kills with boston basher)
Brass Beast  Burnt_Soup (3 kills with brass beast)
Bushwacka  freshmeathead (6 kills with bushwacka)
Cleaner's Carbine  viperrules24 (3 kills with pro-smg)
Connivers's Kunai  flying pyro main (11 kills with conniver's kunai)
Conscientious Objector  cherrymeelon (2 kills with conscientious objector)
Cow Mangler 5000  cherrymeelon (21 kills with cow mangler)
Crusader's Crossbow  Minty (7 kills with crusader's crossbow)
Degreaser  -=DUH=- (24 kills with degreaser)
Detonator  -=DUH=- (1 kills with detonator)
Diamondback  FloatingAsh1908 (8 kills with diamondback)
Disciplinary Action  cherrymeelon (1 kills with disciplinary action)
Doctor's Certificate  ✠Kaiser Junkrat✠ (3 kills with bonesaw)
Dominator  Disaria [no sound] (15 dominations)
Enforcer  Vintage Seinfeld DVD (2 kills with enforcer)
Family Business  Deerlobe (6 kills with family business)
Fan O'War  Stewie 2.017k (1 kills with fan o'war)
Fire Spitter  Wraith (18 kills with flamethrower)
Fists of Steel  Wraith (15 kills with fists of steel)
Flags Captured  ✠Kaiser Junkrat✠ (4 flags captured)
Flags Defended  😈 into the asylum (5 flags defended)
Flare Gunner  warlazer (7 kills with flare gun)
Flying Guillotine  Lucho Portuano (1 kills with guillotine)
Force-A-Nature  Superfan911 (11 kills with force-a-nature)
Freedom Staff  Ezio Auditore (1 kills with freedom staff)
Frontier Justice  ✠Kaiser Junkrat✠ (23 kills with frontier justice)
Frying Pan  cherrymeelon (3 kills with frying pan)
Grenade Launcher  😈 into the asylum (21 kills with grenade launcher)
Gunman  viperrules24 (4 kills with minigun)
Gunslinger  ✠Kaiser Junkrat✠ (7 kills with gunslinger)
Hadouken  Captain Cold (1 kills with hadouken)
Half-Zatoichi  F1r3_Sn1p3r (14 kills with half-zatoichi)
Headshot Kills  Disaria [no sound] (111 Most headshot kills)
Hitman's Heatmaker  😈 into the asylum (45 kills with pro-rifle)
Holiday Punch  F!$H00K (1 kills with holiday punch)
Home Run  Mister36 (1 kills with home run)
Huo-Long Heater  zammarahmer (10 kills with huo-Long heater)
Iron Bomber  cherrymeelon (15 kills with iron bomber)
Iron Curtain  Burnt_Soup (10 kills with iron curtain)
Jag  Ezio Auditore (1 kills with jag)
Kill Assists  Alphonse (40 kill assists)
Kill Assists - Medic  Minty (36 medic kill assists)
Knife Maniac  Zaby (10 knifings)
L'Etranger  Flu Person (2 kills with l'etranger)
Liberty Launcher  Bone-tama-bone (7 kills with liberty launcher)
Loch-n-Load  warlazer (6 kills with loch-n-load)
Longest Death Streak  Lucho Portuano (15 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  Peke (17 kills)
Longest Play Time  Wraith (02:53:52h hours)
Loose Cannon  boy12-. (4 kills with loose cannon)
Lugermorph  Peke (8 kills with lugermorph)
Machina  Burnt_Soup (9 kills with machina)
Manmelter  Captain Cold (1 kills with manmelter)
Manslayer  cherrymeelonุุ (3 kills with kukri)
Market Gardener  Finnsgans (10 kills with market gardener)
Medic Killer  😈 into the asylum (9 medic kills)
Medics Defended  Alphonse (4 medics defended)
Most Deaths  Alphonse (135 deaths)
Most Improved Player  ✠Kaiser Junkrat✠ (1,584 points gained)
Most Kills  Alphonse (184 kills)
Most Points Healed  Minty (19,582 points healed)
Most Suicides  Wraith (14 suicides)
Most Valuable Player  Alphonse (3 wins as mvp)
Natascha  Burnt_Soup (1 kills with natascha)
Necro Smasher  Peke (1 kills with necro smasher)
Nessie's Nine Iron  FISH REPAIRS (1 kills with nessieclub)
Panic Attack  Lucho Portuano (2 kills with panic attack)
Persian Persuader  Jacket (5 kills with persian persuader)
Phlogistinator  Arctic (7 kills with phlogistinator)
Pistol  ✠Kaiser Junkrat✠ (24 kills with pistol)
Player Extinguished  Minty (20 players extinguished)
Player Teleported  ✠Kaiser Junkrat✠ (44 players teleported)
Powerjack  Alphonse (18 kills with powerjack)
Primary Shotgun  Adam ツ (10 kills with shotgun primary)
Puncher  Adam ツ (1 kills with fists)
Pyro Shotgun  Alphonse (35 kills with shotgun pyro)
Rainblower  jackery (hello) (1 kills with rainblower)
Reserve Shooter  Lucho Portuano (1 kills with reserve shooter)
Revenger  Djorbs (6 revenges)
Rocket Launcher  Kasnune (37 kills with rocket launcher)
Sam's Revolver  Bone-tama-bone (2 kills with sam's revolver)
Scattergunner  Hammy Grammy (45 kills with scattergun)
Scottish Handshake  Zaby (4 kills with scottish handshake)
Scout Pistol  😈 into the asylum (7 kills with scout pistol)
Shahanshah  Disaria [no sound] (11 kills with shahanshah)
Sharp Dresser  F1r3_Sn1p3r (2 kills with sharp dresser)
Soda Popper  zammarahmer (6 kills with soda popper)
Soldier Shotgun  cherrymeelon (6 kills with shotgun soldier)
Southern Hospitality  meathook (2 kills with southern hospitality)
Splendid Screen  F1r3_Sn1p3r (2 kills with splendid screen)
Spy Power  cherrymeelonุุ (2 objects killed as spy)
Spy-cicle  FloatingAsh1908 (3 kills with spy-cicle)
Stickybomb Launcher  😈 into the asylum (36 kills with stickybomb launcher)
Sydney Sleeper  cherrymeelon (14 kills with sydney sleeper)
The Ambassador  ♞_ItzMaw_♞ (6 kills with ambassador)
The Direct Hit  Ghoulyan-Tanspooki (11 kills with direct hit)
The Escape Plan  Peke (3 kills with escape plan)
The Eyelander  warlazer (10 kills with sword)
The Huntsman  Punny Bunny (41 kills with sniper bow)
The Original  😈 into the asylum (6 kills with original)
The Sandman  Mister36 (1 kills with sandman)
Tomislav  Wraith (76 kills with tomislav)
Ubercharger  ✠Kaiser Junkrat✠ (33 ubercharges)
Ubersawer  Minty (10 kills with ubersaw)
Winger  jackery (hello) (3 kills with winger)
Your Eternal Reward  Asmongold DADDY TAKE ME (2 kills with eternal reward)